Zoos and aquariums hold a wonderful #CuteAnimalTweetOff and everyone wins

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled selection of depressing news tales and dismaying tweets to bring you the most amazing thing that happened on the internet today.

The amount of cute animals you are about to see is almost unhealthy. Almost.

Zoos and aquariums across the nation participated in a very important #CuteAnimalTweetOff today. And the win of the tweet off is everyone. Every single person alive.

It all started when Smithsonian’s National Zoo released a press release announcing birth certificates of the most adorable newborn grey seal in the world.

Sarah Hill, who live in Virginia, insured the press release and tweeted a taunt at the Virginia Aquarium.

The Virginia Aquarium is not one to back down when a challenge is issued.

Thus, a Twitter war began between the Virginia Aquarium and the National Zoo. What a war it was.

Upon seeing this epic struggle of babe animal components, zoos and aquaria across the nation joined in, tweeting out achingly cute photos of their animal pals. What started as a simple little cute-off became a national cute-off, and we are not complaining.

This is social media done right. We hope everyone takes note of this amazing movement.

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