This Is How I Promise To Love You Forever

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To the future person who I’m going to spend my lifewith this is how I’m going to love you.

I will not buy you a house in the hills but instead the authorities concerned will travel “the worlds” together. We will go to places we have never been and anywhere you want. I will pamper you with great escapades and new experiences. We will both lie in the field of dandelions and wish for a great life together. I will bring you to Grand Canyon and look atyour favourite constellation. I will dance with you in tune tothe Northern Lights in Iceland because it is incredibly romantic.

I will construct hiking my favourite pastime so we can see the concealed charm of the woodlands together. I’ll swim with you in the ocean even when I’m drowning with anxiety because I don’t know how to swim. We are going to be the gypsy royalty and be known as the admirer of many places.

I will feed the weirdest and strangest meat with you so you would enjoy our pilgrimage together. I am a foodie and I will become the foodiest person you will ever fulfill. I will not bring you to Paris just to see the Eifel Tower and be kissed at the top of it but I will bring you there to hunt our favourite volumes together. Books are more romantic than the most romantic place in the world. I will visit museums and art fairs with you only to visualize the workof your favourite artists. These artists have a place in your mind, heart, and soul, with that I want to know you more. I want to know how you realize the coloring palette they’ve applied and how tortured your being is too. I want to touch your soul with my brokenness and I want you to be engraved in my soul.

I will go with you in music festivals and see your favourite bands. With my dreadful symphony, I will sing along with you. I will listen to Kurt Cobain’s music and won’t judge you because I know he saved you when what was left with you was loneliness.

I will booze coffee with you and herbal tea when you feel like being healthy. I will plant you garden so you could see life grow. I will make sure to watch every tutorial so when you can’t get out of bed or you don’t feel grand enough, I will be there to take care of you and induce “youre feeling” grand. Iwill watch sunsets with you even though I adoration sunups more than when the sunshine goes.

I will stay inside and nuzzle with you when it’s raining. I will memorize your eyes and lips. I will kiss your eyes to remove every tears of yesterday and kiss your lips to make “youre feeling” love.

I will read you poetry of Charles Bukowski and drown us in his loneliness. I will write you stories and induce them the happiest.

I will run naked with you in the road and be mischievous. I will holler” Trolls in the dungeon” in a place full of quiet people so I can build you laugh.

I will binge watch all the seasons of with you if that’s how I’m going to win your nerve every day we are together. I will watch with you just to recollect your childhood.

I will make love with you until you’re satisfied. We will adopt chinchillas, dogs, felines, and animals if that will make you joyous.

I won’t call you babe or babe but your name. I crave your name to be the word before the sun rises and your name before I fall asleep at night. I crave your epithet to be my favourite term. Every period, I will have areason to live aside from myself. Myself is more than enough but with you, life is so much different.

I am not saying that I will become submissive but what I’m saying is that I love you and I want to induce “youre feeling” enjoy. It is how I adoration person or persons. But please listen, that’s how I want to be loved in return.

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