What The Fresh Hell Is This Gigantic Furry Blob?

New weird blob alerting, people! We repeat, new weird blob alert!

As is well known by now, the dark and scary ocean is full of absolutely bizarre, unusual things. On occasion because the animal faces a bit of horizontal exploration near the shoreline, or simply because its succumbed, some of these unusual globs of topic float up to the surface and say hello in their own novel way.

This weeks edition of what the hell is that thing comes courtesy of the beaches of Cagdainao, part of the Philippines Dinagat Islands.

The enigmatic white clump is smelly, hairy, about 6 meters( 20 feet) in length, weighs 2 tonnes( 2.2 tons ), and has no eyes or discernable head. It actually appears to be part of a troupe of trophic travesties cleansing up on beaches in the region recently after a slew of( perhaps unrelated) earthquakes.

As youd expect, plenty of suggestions have popped up online as to what it might be. These tries at identification scope from fictional animated characters brought into the real world through some kind of sorcery to a gigantic, dead Shih Tzu bird-dog. Someone has even( playfully ?) indicated it is a twisted blob of plastic bags that was once plugging up an underwater volcano.( Hint “its not” .)

Scientists, ever wanting to spoil everyones fun, have actually said its a decomposing whale that succumbed about a fortnight ago. All that white fluff is a result of it being in an advanced stage of rotting, with the apparent hair actually being disclosed, rotting muscle fibers.

So, to recap: Its not aliens , not a mythical creature , nor a giant floofy bird-dog ogre. Its a dead whale. Again.

[ H/ T: BBC News]

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