A Dog Cafe Is Finally Coming To NYC And You Need To Plan Your Trip Right Now

Step aside, cat cafs, because New York City is about to get its very owncaf.

The dog-friendly coffee shop and community space, called Boris& Horton, is set to openin the East Village in December 2017.

Do youknow what that signifies? Puppy snuggles for the holidays!

DNAInfo reports Boris& Horton’s father-daughter owneds, Coppy and Logan Holzman, fittingly named the place after their own puppies: Boris, a pitbull mix, and Horton, a terrier concoction. SO CUTE.

When the dog-friendly caf opens, anyone will be welcome to bringing their dog. Butsimilar to feline-friendly locales before it, the caf itself will reportedlyfeature a glass wall to separate the dogs from the food space, per Department of Health rules.

Not in a weird way, though.

Coppy told DNAInfo,

It’s like basically going to someone’s nice living room with your puppy, and it’s adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee.

So basically, “youre supposed to” grab your food and drinks on one side of the glass, but you’re totally free to dine withyour bird-dog( and everyone else’s) on the other side.

Perhaps you’rethinking, Who’s going to watch my puppy while I order a latte and some grub?

If that’s the suit, you’ll be pleased to know that Boris& Horton’s staffers will be available to look after your pooch while you’re on the food side.

Speaking of meat, the caf will be serving up your standard coffee, tarts, and sandwiches in addition to beer and wine.

You don’t need to own a dog to stop by. Nonetheless, if you’re in the market for a new best friend, owneds Coppy and Logan have partnered with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to host adoption events.

I’m pretty much counting down the working day until I can have my cake and pet other people’s dogs, too.

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