Bold Innovation: Nathans Developed A Hot Dog That Weighs 90 Pounds In Order To Prevent Theft

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To anyone out there who might be thinking about stealing a hot dog, you may want to think again. Nathans Famous has made a major breakthrough in food service loss prevention, and its a total game-changer: Researchers at the iconic hot dog chain merely announced that they developed a 90 -pound hot dog in order to stymie thieves.


Maintaining the same length and dimensions as the traditional hot dog that Nathans has been selling for decades, the new 90 -pound all-beef frank may appear the same, but anyone trying to steal it will be in for a rudeand heavyawakening when they try to flee. The unwieldy wiener, although it is not 100 percentage theft-proof, would cause any potential hot dog snatcher to be visibly labored from lugging the hefty meat, and would not easily elude detection. Potential thieves would probably instead just pay the$ 4 menu price than experience the mortification of being caught.

At Nathans, we take pride in providing yummy hot dog at a reasonable cost, but the more people steal our products, the most difficult it is to offer our hot dogs at a low cost, said Nathans Famous CEO Eric Gatoff, hoisting one of the heavy new hot dog onto checks and balances scale opposite a stack of over 30 bricks to demonstrate its impressive heft. This 90 -pound hot dog will help limit theft-related revenue loss, and it of course still has the same great taste that our customers love.

The hot dog, which weighs as much as an average 12 -year-old, will be available at all Nathans Famous restaurants later this month. Eight-packs of Nathans theft-proof hot dogs will be rolling out in grocery store in time for Memorial Day, making storage owneds the peace of mind that the combined weight of 720 pounds will keep shoplifters away. Simple and brilliant!

However people choose to eat it, theyll nonetheless be excited to enjoy such a state-of-the-art hot dog. And as for thieves? Theyd better get used to paying full cost like the rest of us.

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