Cat posts the illest selfie of the year with his dog bros

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It’s a depressing thing, to learn a image and instantaneously know you aren’t cool enough to hang with a feline and some dogs.

A selfie taken by Manny, the selfie-loving cat, is already being called the best of 2017. I try to avoid hyperbole so know that I mean to be taken literally when I say that this is in fact, the best selfie of the year.

I mean, look at this feline and his sons. Manny and his bros are moving cruising tonight and they plummeted a dope selfie on social to let everyone know where the party’s at( wherever they find themselves ).

Manny’s owner told Mashable last year that the selfies are taken when Manny reaches for a GoPro.

Why a GoPro? They’re small-scale enough to comfortably fit in the hot jeans Manny is wearing to the bar tonight.

Damn, Manny. Hit me up if you ever wanna hang.

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