What Meghan Markle Eats In A Day Really Isn’t What You Expected

From the moment that the Royal Family announced that Prince Harry would be wedding Meghan Markle in May, the world became infatuated with her. Just like’ The Kate Effect’ which rippled around the globe seven years earlier, Markle’s style began to be mimicked by women around the world.

Her simple, but modern approach to fashion- and life in general- has caused much debate among those who don’t believe she is worthy of British royalty. Nonetheless, for much of civilization, the 36 -year-old American actress is a breath of fresh air- one who unbelievably gratifies in meat you wouldn’t expect a future royal to enjoy. Before she was engaged to the fifth-in-line to the Britsh throne, Markle, who has been married once before, shared her daily life via Instagram. Here she documented a majority of the things she feed, from avocado on toast to donuts, meaning that now we have an inside eye into what the bride-to-be and self-confessed’ foodie’ actually feeds. For those trying to mimic not only the Suits star’s style but her enviable physique too, this is essential read …

1. Pizza perfection

Pizza is a regular feature on the California-born actress’ Instagram page. The calorie-laden Italian elegance is clearly her guilty amusement- or , not so guilty if her timeline is anything to go by! But how does she manage to tuck into such yummy treats and stay in shape? Well, Markle has a trick up her sleeve which makes it possible. “I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends, ” she once said.

2. Burger babe

One of those things that she likes to “dig in” to is a burger. Just like any regular person, the former Deal or No Deal briefcase daughter adoration nothing more than to sink her teeth into a juicy burger- with a side of fries, of course.

3. Feeling fruity

It is unclear if Markle has any belief, but it’s safe to say that she is devout to fruit. Her favorite fruity snack? Apple pieces dipped in almond butter and scattered with ocean salt- we wonder what Prince Harry will think of that. In addition, she also adores strawberries and bananas. In reality, rumor has it that her wedding cake is gonna be a banana cake as Prince Harry is also partial to the potassium-packed fruit.

4. Caffeine junkie

Caffeine is clearly something that the soon-to-be Royal cannot live without. In fact, it was a cute picture of her comprising a coffee cup that disclosed her relationship with Prince Harry to the world when eagle-eyes spotted that the brunette-beauty wore a matching bangle to the red-headed Royal.

5. Oyster preoccupation

The actress is evidently preoccupied with oysters if her Instagram feed is anything to go by. Peppered amongst photos of her on the define of Suits are plenty of snaps of the salty shellfish.

6. Thanksgiving binge

Markle may be preparing herself to become a British citizen, but the actress actually is American through and through- specially when it is necessary to Thanksgiving! Every year Markle celebrates with plenty of turkey and lots of other delicious bowls, but as she marriage into the very traditional British Royal Family, this annual feast, like one of her beloved puppies, may have to be one of the things she leaves behind.

8. Sweet treats

“Generally, I suppose everything is okay in moderation, ” Markle once told The Daily Express , and clearly she wasn’t lying. Every now and then the retired actress will indulge in yummy treats such as ice cream, Nutella and French pastries( croissants appearing to be her particular favorite ). However, she does balance out these unhealthy snacks with plenty of exert. “I do it all on my own, I do DVDs at home, I go for a run by myself, ” she told Best Health . “I think if you can self-motivate that’s half the battle.” I wonder if Meghan will be willing to give ANY of this up for her New Year’s resolution? Well, this video will reveal all:

Apparently not …

9. Time for wine

Like any modern female, Markle desires a glass of vino. Usually enjoyed alongside a banquet, Markle’s love for wine is clearly something she has in common with her’ Playboy Prince’ who is known for his penchant for partying while under the influence!

11. Let them eat cake !

There is nobody on this planet which is able deny themselves cake, especially on a special occasion. Despite being committed to her workout government and largely vegan diet, Markle cannot reject a slice of the sweet, spongy dessert.

12. Fried delight

Being born and raised during America, it would be hard to believe that Markle isn’t a fan of fried chicken- the nation’s delicacy. But alas, she is and she isn’t shy to admit it!

13. Cheeky cocktails

Cocktails are clearly this girl’s best friend. No matter where she is, the future-Royal cannot aid but tickle her taste buds with a tall glass of some blended sip. She genuinely was built for Prince Harry, who also desires a tipple!

14. Sushi

One thing that she probably won’t have in common with the young Royal is her enjoy of sushi. It’s unlikely that the very traditional British Prince has ever had a taste for the Japanese bowl. Maybe she can convert him!

15. Sunday roasts

Meanwhile, one British tradition that she seems to have already amply espoused is Sunday roast dinners, complete with Yorkshire puddings!

16. Green juices

Markle is a big fan of green juices, which she considers a “nice pick me up.” Speaking to Shape , she explained: “Trying to go for coffee or things like that only end up injuring you at the end, so to get a really good natural source of energy, like a great green juice, something that gets right into your system is a nice pick me up.”

17. Takeaway day

Even the most glamorous of people enjoy a quick alternative. From Starbucks to takeaway donuts, Markle is guilty of taking some time off from her healthy diet routine to treat herself to calorie-heavy alternatives. She really is just like you and I!

18. Fabulous Fries

Oh, and in addition to her penchant for cake, pizza and burgers, she also desires fries. Now this is someone we can all respect!

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