20 Creepy True Stories To Read In The Dark Tonight

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As Halloween approaches everyone adoration sharing( and reading) their true scary tales. These tales are brought to you by the people of Reddit, if you have your own true narrative, share it with Creepy Catalog here .

The man in the bunny dres

When I was younger I used to live by the lumbers and could see a cemetery from my back porch. One Easter I remember waking up and assuring the Easter bunny( one of those terrifying garbs) and what really gets me is I recollect smelling the wet fodder. When I woke up I didn’t tell anyone, but there was an extra Easter egg in my home that my parents didn’t hide. Years later when I was in high school I asked my parents if they ever dressed up like the Easter bunny and came into our chamber, they said they would never go through so much difficulty. Then my younger sister, who I shared a bunk bed with when this happened, said she recollects when the Easter bunny came into our room and made a remark about the fodder smelling. I was terrified that we both remembered discovering person or persons dressed as a bunny in our room. To make it even stranger, I told the friends I sat with at lunch what happened. One of the girls was my neighbor across the street. She told me one Easter a long time she appeared out her window during the night and visualized the Easter bunny standing in her driveway. I had shiverings. To this day I am scared of people in rabbit clothings.

The ghost babysitter

When my niece was really young, she was in a bouncer at my sisters mansion, I was house and babysitting.

I had left her to go to the kitchen to grab some sea. My sisters chocolate labs were probably smelling and licking her psyche because I could hear her giggling like she was having a bang. I hadn’t notice how cold it had get. Then I heard it. A loud wooden SNAP. Like a thick part of timber had been snapped in half suddenly or a tree was knocked over.

I ran into the room and what I considered and smelled freaked me out. The dogs were huddled in the corner whimper, my niece was just staring at the ceiling corner with wide-ranging eyes, and it was cold and smelled like Stetson.

I took her and we decided to go to a different chamber. When my sister eventually came home, I told her what happened. She only rolled her eyes and said ” that is Hugh .” I was perplexed. She said Hugh was the previous owner of the house who had died ten years before his wife sold it. She said he likes to follow my niece around and you can tell it his him because the dogs freak, it gets cold and smells like cheap cologne.

I don’t believe in that shit, but I do believe that feeling you get in your intestine when something doesn’t feel right.

Stranger in the house

In college, I would go home every other weekend to work at the job I had since high school. I would drive immediately from campus after my last class on Friday to my job( about an hour) and, after my transformation was done, I’d go back to my parent’s house which was out in the middle of nowhere.

My mothers weren’t yet home when I got back from project( they often invest their Friday and Saturday evenings boozing like they were the ones in college ), so the house was dark and, since it was mid fall, so was the yard- save for the yard light. I pulled into my normal parking place, get out of the car and then turned to open the back door of my vehicle and get my backpack out of the back seat.

That’s when I noticed that the bathroom light was on.

Was that light on when I pulled up? It must have been, right?

As I was contemplating the lighting and reaching for my backpack, there are still suddenly a very angry seeming old woman standing in the window staring at me. We’re not talking resting bitch face here either, she was pissed off at me and I knew it.

We stood there staring at one another for a good ten seconds when my parent’s pulled into the driveway and confused me from my stare down with the woman in the bathroom. By the time I turned back, the daylight was still on, but the woman was gone.

When the dead walk the auditoriums

I used to volunteer at a nursing home where we had several instances where new residents accurately described former occupants down to specific nightgowns or colour of glasses who I and the staff knew had died in that chamber and complain about them coming into the room at night. Then once I was walking through the hallway and it was normally uncomfortably warm inside but I felt a shivering and goosebumps. One of the CNAs said I had just walked through a specter. I couldn’t get warm again for the rest of the day. There were flickering suns and tvs becoming themselves on. Several of the staff emerged from the same southeast Asian country and they were talking about phantoms and disrespect for the dead so much that management had someone come in to do a candle daylight rite and this Lady with crystals and dreadlocks came in to do a sage-green brushing. Things calmed down after that. Daylights bided on better and the residents seemed calmer.

The specter hairdryer

I was in my sophomore year of high school. I would usually are you ready and then wait for my mother to drive me to school. While she used getting ready, I was just kind of hanging out in the bathroom with her while she was putting on make-up and curling her whisker. She seemed a little frazzled and I asked if everything was ok. She told me about a weird instance the night before. She told me that she had been woken up at around 2:00 by a strange noise. It wasn’t super loud, but it was pretty constant. My dad wasn’t woken up by it, though it’s not surprising as he sleeps like a log. Anyway, she starts looking for the source of the interference, first controlling the bathroom attached to their chamber, but there isn’t anything in there.

Next, she walks out into the foyer and hears the interference from the bathroom nearby. When she walks in, she sees a hairdryer plugged in and turned on, simply sitting in the middle of the bath mat on the flooring. She thinks it’s strange, but there are 4 kids living in the house, and she imagined maybe someone had sleepwalked and turned it on. Whatever. She unplugs it and sets it away. She goes back to bed and eventually falls asleep.

About an hour afterward, she wakes up again, and hears the same noise. She’s kinda pissed off and goes to check it out again. Except , now the interference is from downstairs. She tracks it down into the guest bathroom in the main entry foyer( my mothers home has, like, 4 bathrooms ). She opens the door and, again, there’s a hairdryer turned on, laying in the middle of the flooring. She’s freaked out by this point, but she unplugs it and sets it away. She didn’t get a great night’s sleep after that.

So she’s telling me this story, and as soon as she comes to the conclusion, we both just freeze, and become our heads into the walk-in closet off her bathroom. As soon as we look in there, the entire light on the ceiling shatters. Not the light bulb, but the glass embrace. It shatters, mailing shards of glass everywhere. Welp, we both freak and get the heck out. We didn’t know what to attain of it, but we haven’t really had any experiences before or since, and none of their own families have experienced anything either.

The nightmares

I was a caretaker of a small uninhabited island off the coast of Maine and my girlfriend and I started having synchronized nightmares about things that we had never discussed before. They involved very specific themes and after month of this happening we were gifted a history book of the island that had a small chapter in the back that mentioned the exact hauntings.

This is why the cellar is locked

My mother was having dinner at a pals mansion. It was a small age-old cottage that’s been around for 100 years. She tries to find the bathroom and pullings on a doorway that is locked. The pal understands and says” Sorry that “re going to the” basement, the bathroom is over there .” Thinking it is odd, my mother asks why the basement door is locked.” Its always locked, in fact I don’t even have a key for it, the real estate agent advised me not to go down there as its not been upgraded like the rest of the bungalow. Its little more than a root cellar .”

Fast forward a few weeks, when my mom( who works for the police department’s community division) is working on a project about the history of the police department in the town. An old man comes in with news clippings about various community events, as well as a news clipping from the 50′ s about a gruesome murder. My mama was a bit taken aback.” Sorry, I forgot those clippings were in here too .”” No…I know this address, its my friends mansion! What happened there ?” “Oh…” said the old man. ” Well, that use to be my mother’s home. “Shes been” dating this human who was cruel to her. Beat her horribly. She tried again and again to break it off with him, but he’d ever come back. Finally my aunt moved in with us, and my mother eventually broke up with him .” He starts getting emotional” Then one night he violated in, and tied my mother, aunt, sister, and friend up in the basement. He hit them all in front of my mother. Then he killed her, and killed himself, leaving a note that she would never leave him again. I was away at college ….” He started to sob.

And that is how my mother’s friend learned she has a haunted quadruple murder-suicide scene in her cellar. She moved out a year later.

The succumbing patient

A good friend of mine while doing his rounds as a young intern, he is now a neurosurgeon, he had just seemed in on a succumbing patient. After attaining the patient comfortable, he exited the chamber, sat on a nearby chair to write his report. After few minutes he appeared up and saw this patient strolling down the hallway. He called to the woman but their was no response. As he stood up to walk after her, she faded. He speedily strolled toward the patients chamber and considered a light under the door. When he opened the door, it was completely nighttime in the room. So he turned on the night- light, went over to the patient and feel for her pulsation. She had died. He swears to this experience.

What I realise on the country road

While in University, I adoration discovering serpents( I was a biology student ). So a pal from herpetology fraternity showed me this road that he would “cruise” for snakes. Cruising is when you drive slowly down age-old back roads after dark go looking for snakes that have slithered onto the warmer road to heat up. The street we took was about 4 miles and had around 4 homes on its totality. We had taken a few laps on this road, and we were building our final pass. There are two houses near the beginning of the road, one at the end and one near the middle. We were getting close to the center home when we see movement on the left side of the road. There are lots of animals( obviously) on this road so we aren’t astounded to see this. However what hits out is this child, probably around 8 or 9 in torn blue jeans and a ripped darknes t shirt.

He takes one look at us, and his face is a mix of anxiety and ache. He looked back really quickly from where he had come out of then booked it across the road. The guy I’m with gets out of the car chasing to see if he’s alright and I draw the car up to the point where the boy went into the lumbers. Im starting to get out of the car when my friend strolls quickly back from the trail and just says,” lets run , now !” We hop-skip in the car and tear out of there. He says there is a grave yard about 10 yards into the lumbers where there are 5 grave stones with the same death date. They all had the same last name, and one was a boy who was 9. We never came back the rest of the summer to that road( we typically would go out once or twice a few weeks ).

The next year when my friend had graduated I took my girlfriend out to the road. We had gone early to try to find different types of serpents( different serpents tend to move at different points of nightfall/ night ). We got to the house near the graveyard and theres 3 boys doing some yard study. I rolled down the window explained what I was doing and asked them about the graveyard. Apparently their Dad’s brother’s family had all died when their space heater caught fire around 20 years ago. I retained pushing and asking about it, and they told me the firemen or whoever does it had seen all the bodies in the rubble except for a very young son but they accepted he was too far burned. I asked if they had a little brother, and the 6′ 4 ” 250 pound man said he was the youngest. When I dedicated the description of the kid I watched and they all moved white.

They all have individually assured the child I was talking about. And he ever runs to the gravesite. I have never been down that street again.

A helpful spirit

A few weeks after my mama dedicated birth to me she went to me in the middle of the nighttime because i was crying, when “shes gone” in the chamber she saw a dark figure of a boy who she thought was my papa comprising me and decided to go back to sleep, in the morning she thanks my dad for taking care of me, as it turns out my dad was not even awake then and nobody else was in the apartment, gets worse later on in life not only me, but my sister, cousins and pals have all determined it somewhere in our home, all in separate accounts and we dont ordinarily tell people about it unless they’ve seen it and it follows us wherever we move to and at this degree me and my family have all read to ignore it though we all know its there.

The fan

When I was 12, me and my mom were watching TV in her bedroom. It was one of those actually stuffy summer evenings. Stating the obvious, I said aloud,” it is SO hot in here .” Immediately, the devotee that was sitting on the dresser 5 feet away turned on.

The switch couldn’t really be flipped on by accident … it was pretty “sticky” and involved a little bit of force to turn from off to on. I can’t really explain how that happened but I like to think it was a friendly ghost.


In middle school my friend was in a church youth group and they often had these overnights at the church that he would invite me to and they were actually tons of fun. Toward the end of the nighttime the guy who operated it( he was cold af the lord was with that guy) would let us play manhunt in the entire church region( place where actual mass was sustain, kitchen, rec foyer, nursery, etc ). We became literally every light in the whole place and all we had were tiny flashlights. It was spooky but sooooo much fun.

One of these nights we were playing and we decided to hide in a closet in the nursery. We disguise there for about 10 minutes and out of nowhere we heard a child weeping. We get scared the fuck out and bolted out of there. In the morning we went back to the nursery to find what could have caused it, we figured “its one” of those toy newborn dolls that would exclaim but we find anything. Still scares me to this day but I would dedicate got anything to relive it because I adoration paranormal shit.


Played piano in a dark and empty auditorium back in the working day. When I was finished, person softly clapped for me. Sort of voiced like it was coming from everywhere, but simply one person. Never watched them, and the auditorium was locked except for the door I came in.

Bad linkage

This was actually on Halloween morning one year. I lived in a small apartment with an open floor plan where you could see the entire apartment from the kitchen. I was in the kitchen packing my lunch to take to work when the TV turned on by itself, volume on full blast, to some static-y channel that kept cutting in and out. I was nowhere near the remote or the TV, and had no other people or animals living with me who could have done it accidentally. Likely not the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced( i’m sure there are many entirely reasonable rationales as to how it happened ), but it definitely freaked me out at the time! It had never happened before and hasn’t since.

The woman in the middle of nowhere

I grew up in a small town, and lived out in the two countries. My mom and I were coming home from Walmart really late one night and decided to take the back way home. I still had my learners permit, so I wanted to take a street with less traffic. Anyone who has ever lived or been to the country knows how creepy these streets can be at night. I was going around a curve, right before a one lane bridge, so I slowed down in case I had to stop. Out of no where this woman jumps in front of me to the drivers side of my automobile and starts pounding on the hood of my automobile. Her mouth was moving but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. My mama started freaking out and told me not to stop, and merely keep driving. I maintained going and we both looked back to appreciate where she was and no one was there. To this day my momma and I still remember it clearly. Turns out there’s apparently a legend about a woman who died all over the bridge and supposedly can be seen sometimes late at night. I get goosebumps to this day just thinking about it.

Who turned on the radio ?~ ATAGEND

When I was about 10 or 12, I don’t really recollect, I had an odd experience. At the time, I was sharing a room with my sister. We had lofted beds and I slept on the top bunk. We had this stereo and when you would press the button to turn it on, it would “click” and a red light would pop up. Our couches were on one side of the room and the stereo was on a desk on the opposite side. One night I was woken up by the “click” voice that the stereo constructs when the power button is pressed. I realise the music and sat up in bed. I appeared over at the stereo and the light winkings on. I look over at my sister and she is fast asleep( her couch was under mine but perpendicular, so I could see the top half of her from my couch ).

The stereo is playing that white noise sound that it attains when it isn’t on a specific station. Suddenly, I can hear someone saying, “Away,” coming from the stereo. Just one word, “Away”. First, it starts off soft and gradually gets louder, until it becomes a shout,” AWAY, AWAY, AWAY “. It took about 10 -1 5 seconds probably to build up to the wail, and then it succumbed back down to a whispering. I thought this was a dreaming. I was frozen out of panic. I guessed this “mustve been” my imagination, and I tried telling myself that during the whole thing. I had almost convinced myself of it until it stopped. After the voice died away, the stereo went back to static. Then, I heard the familiar “click” and the light to turn. I was positive I wasn’t daydream the ending “click”. I looked at the stereo for a few more instants, too freaked to move, appeared back at my sister and foresee she was still asleep, and finally laid back in bed, encompassed myself with my sheets, and willed myself back to sleep.

I consider myself a rational person, but I had no rational explanation for this. Freakiest shit that has ever happened to me.

This is why you should never let anyone know where your spare key is

I was seventeen, still living in my parents’ house. Everyone was away on a Friday night so I had a few friends over. We smoked a little, and were chilling in the cellar playing video games. Two of my friends ran upstairs to get some snacks out of the pantry. After a few seconds they came here running down the steps screaming my name. They say somebody just drawn into my driveway. I hear the dog start freaking out. I panic, reckoning my mothers are home, and I scramble to hide the weed and tube we had sitting next to the back door.

I walked up the steps and looked out the window. There was no vehicle in the driveway but my dog was still freaking out. I went outside to see if anyone was out there. It was late, virtually midnight, and cold. I was barefoot and poorly dressed. I walked around my home, shivering and nervous, and found nothing. I went back inside, took my dog down to the cellar with me and tried to relax.

Maybe twenty minutes later, we hear a huge crashing sound. It voiced like something had exploded right in front of the house. We operated outside through the back door and find a auto wrapped around a tree right by the road in my neighbor’s front yard. My dog starts freaking out again. It was my brother’s car. My friend used to go with my mothers to my aunt’s and left his vehicle in the garage. I ran to look inside and there was nobody in it.

I immediately called my brother, freaking out. When he answered the phone I was both alleviated and confused. He instructed me to call the police. He came home. The police came and appeared around. They took statements from everybody( we hid the fact that we were high pretty well ). As the tow truck was drawing my brother’s care out of the front yard, the police received a call about a break in down the street. They left an officer with us and the rest left to respond to the call.

It turns out that a group of people were going through my neighborhood, breaking into houses and stealing vehicles out of garages. I was in the house when the burglar theft my brother’s auto. I may have even walked right past him at one point. When they caught the group, one of the guys was injured as if he had been in a car wreck. He was the one who had be divided into my house. I knew him. He had graduated from my high-school when I was a newcomers. He had house-sat for us. He knew where we kept the spare keys, he knew that if one of us was home that the doors would be unlocked and he waited until “its just” me, alone in the house.

It wasn’t paranormal, but it still sneaks me out to this day that the guy had waited for myself, or any of my other family members, to be alone in the house and had broken in. It scares me that I was so entirely unaware of my surroundings back then that I would have let that guy get the fell on me if he had hostile purposes. It stimulates me sick that somebody we had trusted be left in our home while we were gone would come back a pair years later and do something like that.

The night I spent with 20 dead torsoes

I once had to work a very late shift at the funeral home to prepare a torso for a see the following morning. I belief I eventually finished my job around midnight. Anyways, “its been” winter, and I aimed up getting snowed in at the funeral home. I had to stay the night until plows came early AM to plow out. Let me tell you – it’s fucking creepy slumber in a funeral home knowing there are 20 dead people in the basement.

Worth the long read: two “girls ” were dancing in my bedroom

My fianc and I rent a house together, and we live alone.

About two years ago, my fianc and I were lying in couch. It was actually somewhat late in the morning- 10:30 or 11:00 AM ., or so. I’d been awake for about ten or fifteen minutes, and my fianc was only waking up.

We lied there, talking softly about whether or not we should get up yet, or try to go back to sleep for a little bit, since he had the first half of the day off of study, and it might be nice to catch up on sleep since we’d had a busy couple of periods. He was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, and I was on my right side, facing him, with my hand on his chest while we talked. In that position, I had my back to our bedroom entrance, which is now being perhaps 8 or 9 ft. away from the bed behind me.

Suddenly, an odd mood came over the chamber. Seriously, it felt like the air in the chamber was abruptly either sucked out, or constructed very, VERY heavy, and it virtually felt like I was under water, or gravitation changed … and the chamber seemed to nearly feel like it was tilting to the side. It felt like the air in the room was pressing down on top of my body, while at the same time slowing down hour and inducing me dizzy and loopy. My ears were popping.

Well, I thought it was just me feeling this, and for a moment, I wondered if I was having a blood pressure drop( I get those sometimes, though it still wasn’t quite what it felt like ), but my fianc said in a very frightened voice that sounded like he couldn’t breathe very well, and like he couldn’t get out the words without struggling,” Do you feel that, too? What’s happening ?!…” And that was when I knew something odd and scary was going on, because he was feeling the exact same thing.
I tried to speak, but my speech actually “re coming out” various kinds of slurred and I had to force the words out of my mouth to say ” I don’t know…I can’t move …”

He said ” I can’t…either …” and I visualized him trying to turn over onto his side, and trying to raise his arm up. He simply retained saying ” what’s happening? What’s happening ?”

I tried to raise my limb up, too, and found that I couldn’t. Again, “its like” being under sea, and in an intensely pressurized chamber. I started trying to push myself up, to see if I could sit up … I couldn’t do it. It was just too heavy.
Then, we both hear the doorknob of our bedroom entrance turning.

It was turning over and over again … almost like someone was trying to come in, but they weren’t jiggling it, or trying to open the door … it was actually turning in a rhythm. It was turning back and forth, backward and forward, in a rhythm at about the same tempo as a metronome. Like a beat to a carol. It was very deliberate.

We were both panicked and we froze- the first think in my head was that someone had broken in, though I couldn’t figure out why they would turning the doorknob backward and forward, backward and forward in a deliberate rhythm, especially because our bedroom door had not yet been lock on it. They could just open it and stroll right in.

We couldn’t move, that weird heavy-gravity feeling that was holding us down still would not allow us to move, but I was trying to, and I could feel my fianc trying to, as well. All I was able to do was become my brain very slowly and look over my shoulder at the doorknob, and watch it turning. I could see it.

Then, we both heard it … singing. Two children’s voices, what sounded like a pair of young girl, started singing a carol that I could not make do most of the lyrics to, and the only clear lyrics that I could make out was the very last word at the end of the sentence: “dancing”.

So let me clarify what I’m trying to describe: These two young girl’s voices were singing an almost nursery rhyme kind carol outside our bedroom entrance, while turning our bedroom doorknob back and forth, to match the tempo of what they’re singing: the doorknob is running chhck-chhck, chhck-chhck, chhck-chhck, chhck-chhck, as these “girls “‘ voices are singing 😛 TAGEND

…and the doorknob would become with each term they sang, retaining perfect rhythm.

I couldn’t make out nearly any of the other terms of this song they were sing, except for the word “dancing” at the very end of each stanza.

And they were singing it in a way that was kind of playful and taunting … perhaps, for instance, kind of like two “girls ” would do if they were teasing an older sibling, or their momma or papa, by coming up to a chamber they’re in, shaking the doorknob and singing at them, simply to tease- the chant nearly sounded made up, the route children sometimes sing little made-up ballads to be silly or playful …. Just trying to give you a feel as to how this sounded. It likewise voiced like they were giggling, or trying not to giggle while doing it.

So, as this is all going on, and I’m watching the doorknob turn as these voices sing at us, and near the end of the ballad, I turn my brain- in slow motion- back to my fianc to see if he’s seeing and hearing the same thing I am, and I can now ensure has finally managed to be able to turn his head and he was watching the doorknob, too, and the look upon his face … was only … I’ll never forget it. His eyes were as large as dinner plates, I’ve never recognize him that shocked or that scared…his face was just white.

And then the song ended. It was short, only two stanzas, then just as soon as it started, the doorknob just stopped turning on the very last word of the song, “daaaaanciiiing”, and all at once, that heavy, dizzy weight that had been holding us down and constructing it so hard to move and breathe only lifted. Just is away. Just like that. Abruptly we could move again, and the air and gravity seemed normal.

It seriously was all over, from start to finish, in about 10 seconds.

My fianc sat up and moves” What the hell just happened ?”, and he hopped over me and out of bed, raced to the door and yanked it open. Nothing was there. We don’t have a hallway, it’s a small house and our bedroom doorway opens right up into the living room, and he merely looked out into it and runs “Nobody’s out there!”

I get up and ran over to him, and looked for myself. No one there. House empty, and our two felines were both backed up against the far wall of the living room, hissing and growling. They’d either heard it, too, or even seen what did it … and from the place right in front of our bedroom entrance, all the way through the living room, through the dining room, and out to the kitchen door, there was this trail of heat. I don’t know how else to describe it, it was just a road of hot. The air only seemed hot and oily, and you could almost read a haze, like cloud, trailing from our bedroom entrance, through the house, to the kitchen door.

We checked both the front door and the kitchen door. Locked. Both locked.

We both sat back down on the couch, and we were just sway. We retained asking each-other ” Did that really just happen? We both heard the same thing right ?” and yeah … we both felt the air pressure comprising us down in couch and building us move in slow motion, and we both heard and appreciated the bedroom doorknob moving back and forth in rhythm, and then both heard the two “girls ” singing that song. So, I know it wasn’t a hallucination or anything.

The only difference was that my fianc understood a pair more of the lyrics of what they were singing, though not many- he said it sounded something like” and we come in a’dancing !” or” and we go a’dancing !”

It was just so unsettling and spooky. And to be honest, the style the girls’ voices voiced, they didn’t sound mean or creepy- they seriously voiced like two, real little girls who were just having fun and pestering us. It didn’t seem or sound malevolent, or anything … it was better creeped us out, just that it happened, though. We were both shaken up for the rest of the day, and I BEGGED him not to leave for job that afternoon( but he had to ). The whole period he was at work, I continued every light in the house on, along with both the TVs in the living room and our bedroom. It’s never happened again, but it still creeps us both out just talking about it.

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