Squirrel Eats The Wrong Mushrooms, Gets Stoned And Goes On Epic Journey Through The Cosmos For Acorns

As a law-abiding member of culture, I have definitely never been stoned( honest ). However, a lot of people I know have, and they’ve recounted their dramatic experiences to me. One of these friends of mine actually get high after accidentally eating a jackpot brownie.

When cannabis is eaten, its effects are more potent, and this person experienced a phenomenon known as “greening out”. They reportedly felt paranoid, remain convinced that the other partygoers were going to kill them, before going to get a spaced-out trance. The effects of drugs vary from person to person, nonetheless, the smaller someone is, generally speaking, the greater the opportunities are that they will experience adverse effects. That’s why sane people never give medications to animals. It’s a kind of mistreat. So when a hungry squirrel accidentally ate magic mushrooms, the findings are dramatic to say the least. It simply takes a small amount of the drug to get an average-sized human stoned, and the squirrel was rendered almost completely incapacitated. The stoned squirrel was found by a kindly dog walker who noticed that he was in some serious trouble. She initially assumed that the animal had been attacked, but it didn’t take her long to determine the mushroom spot and work out what had happened. People who have taken magic mushrooms have reported various side effect, but the number one effect of the natural drug is hallucinations. There have been no recorded fatalities associated with magic mushrooms, so the squirrel’s life wasn’t in danger. But nothing could have prepared him for the accidental journey he was about to go on … Magic mushrooms might be the third safest medicine in the world, but if they are devoured in large quantities their side effect can be extreme to say the least. That’s why they are illegal in many countries including the United States. The dog walker filmed the stoned squirrel and uploaded the footage to YouTube under the name Vet Wife. “So the dogs and I were strolling, and we acquired this little guy in the park, ” she said. “At first, I thought he’d gotten assaulted by a bird-dog or something. He[ tried] to stand up, and he[ flopped] all over the place.” “I understood that he had something in his mouth and realised[ that] the b* gger’s been munching on mushrooms.” “I’m not sure if this really is poison or not, but they definitely get him in a tizzy. So I’m going to try and take him back.” The girl tries to usher her puppies away from the stoned squirrel. When one of them gets close to it, the squirrel manages to lurch away, but he wasn’t be permitted to get far. The stoned squirrel was scared and mystified. However, the dog soon gave up sniffing it. “Yeah, he’s pretty stoned, ” the woman says as the video aims. You can watch the dramatic footage on YouTube here: But it turns out that there are some animals which purposely take psychedelic drugs. Dolphins, for example, have been known to wring puffer fish so that they can get high on their nerve poisons, putting them into a trance-like government. We can only hope that this squirrel didn’t have a bad trip, and that he got the care he necessity as he came down. There’s no doubt that people will begin to theorize about that the squirrel insured on his journey. “Thats what” I hope happened. That, or he went on an epic pilgrimage through the cosmos for acorns.

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