Bad Dad Alert…Father Films The Wrong Student At Daughter’s Graduation

If you have siblings, then you are probably familiar with the feeling of your parents mixing you up. If I had a dollar for every time my mother called me by one of my sister’s names, I would be writing this from my yacht right now.

You get used to it, though, and you wait patiently when they address you, as they go through the name of every single person in your family (and sometimes even the dog’s name) before they finally land on yours. “Emma… I mean, Alex… I mean, Emily… I mean, Peanut… I mean…” It can be agonising, but you them forgive because they are a little older and also they are the reason for your existence. What’s worse than even this, however, is when they mix you up with someone who isn’t even related to you. A non-familial stranger who they did not raise, who somehow captures their attention more easily than their own flesh and blood. This is what happened to Georgia Wilde at her graduation from theUniversity of the West of England. While attempting to capture the momentous occasion on video, her dad pulled what can really only be described as a “dad” move, and accidentally filmed the wrong girl. The video is hilarious, with Georgia coming to the sad realisation that her father is, in fact, capturing this significant moment in another girl’s life. The video focuses in on one brunette girl walking down the aisle in her cap and gown, and the fact that the girl doesn’t turn around to face the camera probably should have been the first sign to this father that it was not his daughter. Then, Georgia’s face pops into view, as she tries to catch her father’s attention to tell him, “that’s someone else”. Hilarity ensues, and the two begin to crack up while her dad says, “Igot carried away then!” The poor guy was just too excited about his daughter graduating. The sounds of the rest of the Wilde family’s laughter is audible in the background, as the father comes to terms with the situation, saying, “I was looking at the wrong one, wasn’t I?” Georgia, not looking to let her dad off the hook, shared the video on Twitter, with the caption, “My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the isle at my graduation… sums up my dad.” The video was clearly appreciated by many who thought her dad’s mistake was both hilarious and adorable, as it garnered over 76,000 likes. We understand Georgia’s dad’s mistake, though. Anyone who’s been to a graduation can tell you it’s really just a sea of single-colored caps and gowns… and it’s quite easy to lose track of individuality in there. Perhaps the best part of this entire situation is that Georgia was graduating with a degree in filmmaking… clearly a skill she did not inherit from her. Although Georgia said in a later tweet that her “dad would probably kill [her] for showing him up on the internet”, we are sure glad that she did. If you want to see more fatherly shenanigans, check out 20 dads who couldn’t be more dad if they tried.

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