Judge Judy decides a case in seconds after an excited dog recognizes its owner

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The love and allegiance between a pet and its owner is like no other, and thankfully, Judge Judy knows it.

On a super emotional episode of Judge Judy a bird-dog owned fought to get his lost bird-dog back from a woman who claimed that she bought the dog legally from person on the street, connoting the dog is rightfully hers.

After Judge Judy ordered the dog to be brought into the courtroom and placed on the flooring, it became obvious who the dog’s real owned was. The tearful reunion between the pup and “the mens” was all Judge Judy needed to rule that these two be together once again. She couldn’t ignore the happy little jumps of the doggie when he saw his proprietor. Even the woman who were reportedly bought the dog knew it, too she knew that once the dog was put before his rightful proprietor, it would be a done deal.

We’re so happy these two are back together again. We love to see people, and puppies, this happy.

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