Typical New Yorkers are totally unfazed by man carrying a peacock on the subway

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New York City occupants are used to seeing unusual things on the metro dogs in suitcases, impromptu graduation ceremonies, people vacuuming and feeing off of metro platforms, you name it.

So, frankly, a guy carrying a full-grown peacock onto the develop doesn’t really shock anyone, but it’s still pretty cool.

The people around this peacock chillin’ in the teach perfectly couldn’t care less about the giant fowl hovering above them. This is what NYC is all about.

The MTA Peacock Guy, as he calls himself, is Reddit user BarFreddys , did a bit of a win lap when the picture caught steam around the internet. He explained a little behind the fowl in a comment, and sadly revealed that the peakcock is stuffed.

Haha , no it’s the mascot of a saloon I run in Tribeca called Weather Up, ” he wrote. “The owner Kathryn is the blonde woman to right of me, she’s the owner of the peacock. It’s also stuffed, come to the bar for a beer.

To prove his identity and to give us another kill of the dead, commuting fowl, BarFreddys likewise posted a photo of him and his pal cracking open a cold one after their big NYC adventure.

That is one giant peacock.

New York City Transit’s Twitter account tried to put an end to this fun by contacting the original uploader for information regarding MTA Peacock Guy, but his fellow New Yorkers didn’t stand for it. Let the peacock guy live!

And it’s true between the scorch heat and the MTA’s “Summer of Hell, “ public transportation in NYC hasn’t exactly been pleasant. So let everyone have a little fun!

After all, like we told, this isn’t the strangest thing that’s occurred in the metro, and everyone knows it.

Another day, another fowl on the subway.

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