10 Wedding Pics Of Prosecco Vans That Will Give You FOMO If You Don’t Have One

Just when you thought everything had been conveniently devised, you couldn’t was becoming increasingly wrong. The Prosecco van is literally everything wine fans could ask for to make their bridal extra bubbly and chic. Say goodbye to your delight for food trucks and volume a Prosecco van for your special day.

There’s something beautiful about get your sparkling wine out of an adorable van. Likewise, it beats get stayed at the bar for who knows how long at a wedding, right? Park the Prosecco van outdoors and enjoy your winewhile getting some fresh air. If you aren’t already convinced you need to jump on the Prosecco bandwagon, a few pics of these vans all dolled up and in action may change your mind.

1. Don’tMiss Out On The Cuteness Overload

Add some flowery panache to one of these babies, and you’re even sold. This saloon on wheels stands out and can be an unforgettable item for your special day. Not to mention, it’s super Instagram-worthy.

2. Is It Too Late To Ask For One For Christmas?

You don’t even have to be a wine devotee to acknowledge the innovation this van boasts. And if you’re a passionate wine enthusiast, you’re thanking the sip gods for the purposes of our creation. Several cheers are in order.

3. It’sThe Ultimate Prop For Wedding Pics

Neither the bride or bridegroom will be mad at this van for third wheeling their special day. It’s the perfect addition to a time to celebrate. Likewise, could you ask for a better prop for photos?

4. Seriously, This Wine Comes With A Chic Set Of Wheels

The van won’t inevitably be moving, but we’d sounds crazy not to try and wrap our psyches around the idea that it does. It’s almost as epic as when you discovered the charm of the ice cream truck. Now #adulting has its own variation.

5. The Decor Alternative Are Endless

Maybe everyone will sip the same style, but that doesn’t mean your colour scheme must continue to be the same as the last person’s. As simple as this wine innovation may seem, you can get creative with how you choose to decorate it. Nothing can take away from this van’sawesomeness.

6. Even The Pup Approves Of The Epic-ness

You know what they say; If your bird-dog doesn’t approve of something, chances are, it’s immorality and you need to stay far away. Now , notification the extremely welcoming pup in this hit? The defense rests.

7. Some Things Really Are Prettier In Pink

Regardless of what color it comes in, you’d be wrong to miss out on a Prosecco van. Forget about it matching the table napkins. Does it pair well to those used wine fanatic taste buds of yours? Then you’re good.

8. LetThe Good Times, Literally, Roll

Again, the only things that should be moving are your feet toward the direction of this boozy brilliance. It’s on. The van has no other choice but to roll you into some good times.

9. Why Wasn’t This Invented Sooner?

Yes, our prayers have been answered. But no matter how too content we are with this creation, the impatient person in us all is asking why it took so long. Great things come to those who wait, I guess.

10. By Now, You’re Exhausted From Swooning

So you came, you ensure, and now it’s time to conquer. Whether you’re a guest, or actually planning a bridal, it’s time to reserve your date with this beauty. Hurry, because everyone else’s reckons are in the same place.

Sometimes, people refrain from jump-start on the bandwagon. No one mentioned there would be wine on this wagon, though. So, hop, hop-skip, jump-start, or whatever you need to do to experience one of these Prosecco vans.

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