The Judges Are Stunned By A Contestant’s “Sounds Of The Earth”

In the time that I’ve had the privilege to work for Wimp, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. I mean, how else would you describe a dog that knows how to dive for lobsters, or how this guy created a campfire in the dead of winter by using methane gas trapped under ice as his fuel source? I’ve also seen a whole lot of incredibly talented performers wow judges and stun audiences on televised talent shows like American IdolThe VoiceAmerica’s Got Talent, and more. 

Even despite all of those amazing performers I’ve seen, I have to say that I was absolutely blown away by the unique talents of Genadi Tkachenko, a contestant on Georgia’s Got Talent. Genadi walks on stage and tells the judges that he will not be singing. Instead, he’s going to give them a sampling of the “Sounds of the Earth.” When he starts, the judges and the audience (along with me) are all stunned at his incredible talents.

If you were to close your eyes during his performance, you may well think you’re watching the intro to a nature documentary like Planet Earth. I was seriously waiting for David Attenborough’s voice-over narration to start at any moment. While making unusual sounds with your voice is hardly a unique talent, there are very few people in the world who could match Genadi’s skill. By the end, almost everyone in the room is speechless and some even have tears in their eyes.

H/T: Iseemir

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