This Beautiful Dog Has Been Blessed With “Mikey Mouse Ears” And We Are Not Worthy

Doggos and puppers are one of the one thing on the planet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re happy or sad, man’s best friend knows exactly what to do to attain your day. With their adorable oddities and wagging tales, it’s safe to say that life simply wouldn’t be the same without dogs.

While a lot of puppies look similar and are distinguished only by their unique personalities, there are some who really are one-offs when it comes to their appearings too. That’s why the internet is preoccupied with Goma, an adorable puppy with ears that build him look like Mikey Mouse!

1. He genuinely should be cast in a Disney movie

A remake of Lady and the Tramp , perhaps?

2. Goma really is a walking, barking teddy bear

I don’t know about you, but I could really get lost in his jet black eyes!

3. He’s got a smile that would melt any heart

Now, this is one pupper I’d have a hard time telling no to.

4. He looks like Minnie Mouse here

That sock in his mouth constructs him appear even cuter!

If you love Goma, then you perfectly have to check this video of other cute < strong> puppers out!

5. Goma sure knows how to rock a headscarf

With those ears, he can draw any color off.

6. Imagine opening a container to find a puppy this cuddly

I guess I’d squeal with joy.

7. Goma’s learning how to give a paw

This will undoubtedly earned him some yummy treats when he’s out and about.

8. His ears are proof that biology is amazing

They’re out of place on his little brain, but in the best possible way.

By now, you’re probably pondering what kind of dog Goma is. Well, he’s a cross between Maltese and Papillon spawns and that’s what led to his giant Mickey Mouse ears.

9. Goma can pose like a boss

I wonder if he knows how amazing his ears are.

10. Side angle on point

Goma should really get hired as a model.

11. His ears appear even bigger when he’s out and about

Goma’s owners take him out in a stroller, as you do.

12. What I’d give to wake up to this face

It’s impossible to see Goma and not smile.

With such a unique appearance, Goma has proven to be a hit online, and he has an Instagram page with over 60 K followers. He’s been described by some of his fans on the popular photosharing app as” freaking adorable” and “super cute”.

13.” Mom, is it time to go for walkies ?”

I bet Goma’s got a lot of friends at the park.

14. He looks like he’s just had a tasty treat here

Maybe it was a succulent part of chicken!

15. Goma’s ears never seem anything less than perfect

I bet his proprietor has a separate brush for them.

16. He’s got some severely adorable toys too

If I knew Goma in real life, I’d entirely add to his collection.

In case you’re wondering, this adorable ball of fluff lives in Toyko, Japan, and it wasn’t until Goma’s owner created an Instagram page for him that people began to compare him to Mickey Mouse.

17. Keeping Goma’s fluff looking good is a hard job

But it’s safe to say that his owner is doing a fantastic occupation- even if he looks silly contained within shampoo.

18. He doesn’t chew his toys, he licks them

Who’d to believe that his ears don’t stand up all of the time ?!

19. A pupper amongst the flowers

Someone should paint this picture.

20. On the 10 th day, God said …

” Let him be a good boy .”

If you’d like to keep up with Goma, you can follow his Instagram account here.

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